Commentary On "The Hurled Ashtray (Nora Ephron)"

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The writer of this essay appears to be tactful and careful while giving her opinion regarding how men and women should behave in the new context. To make her point clear, she presents two events in London restaurant where first Mr. and Mrs. Cooper and later Mr. and Mrs. Korda face a challenging situation created by some mischievous hooligan boys.

However, the same sort of incident has been handled differently by these two couples. In the first incident, the women simply follows the action of the man with her own reaction. In the second incident Mrs. Korda objects to her husband acting unilaterally while dealing with the boys. These two women represents women of pre-movement and post-movement respectively. Finally, the writer gives her own opinion in an intelligent way. She seems somewhere in the middle position. If such situation occurs in her life she doesn't want to be treated like Mrs. Cooper but at the same time she wants her husband to handle this kind of situation after having consultation with her. By giving safe solution to the conflict that arise between man and woman, Nora wants to assert that men and women need to co-operate with each other without claiming to be totally independent of each other.

Writer understands that relationship between men and women have been compounded by the feminist movement, especially after the first world war. But she also understands that they need to get on with one another by seeking wise solution to the eternal problems between men and women. Thus, this essay gives a clear cut vision of the writer who has had experiences of men and women relationship in the both context before the movement and after the movement.